About Me

Hi, I’m Paula Mitchell a brazilian-australian food photographer.

Love food, photography, travel and sharing all that with anyone that will listen. So that’s what this blog is about, sharing a bit of everything.

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You can find my portfolio on www.mitchellstudios.com.au.

About the blog

I’m not a nutritionist or on the medical field, all information in this blog is only from my experience.

About Keto for Me

I mark a recipe as keto if they fit the parameters I stablished for my own family:

  • meals between 8-10 carbs
  • snacks under 4 carbs

The reason for that is at my family we try to keep under 20g of carbs a day and with that having 2-3 meals and a few snacks or deserts. So to make easy we select and create recipes that will fallow those parameters. But if you are on a low carb just adapt, increase portion size or have more snacks.

About AIP for Me

I have Hashimoto’s and for years I have avoid gluten and more recently found some dairy does affect me as well so I follow a AIP protocol most of my time. I’m not on the elimination phase but I try to eat with those restrictions as much as I can. I will mark recipes as AIP if all ingredients (or can be substitute, or removed) are on the elimination phase.